La Pulpe - Mini Market

Create the content, design, and develop the whole site.

Tech Stack

CSS Properties

La Pulpe is our family business. We run little convenience store inside companies in Costa Rica.

The old site didn't have any information, just the last ten posts in our Instagram account. We need more than that because in 2020 one of our goals is to open at least one more store.

La Pulpe - Minimarket


We are not the typical convenience store; we are focus in a particular target. So our primary goal is that our visitors understand what we do as fast as possible.

La Pulpe - Minimarket


We create a landing page where we explain exactly what we do and why are the best in doing it.

  1. Tagline: super important, we have to explain what we do in a few words.
  2. Benefits: explaining why companies need to provide snacks to their employees.
  3. About us: we build stores to suit you and how we do it.
  4. Testimonials: our current customers talked about their experiences.
  5. Contact form: a way to catch leads.


We need the page to load as fast a possible. Gatsby is an excelent option for static websites.

Lighthouse results

Fast deploy

I could develop and deploy this site in about 24h of work. Thanks to Netlify ;)

Contact information

We need a form for our users can submit information, we use Formspark API which works like a charm and don't have to worry about any backend.


  1. Easy to scale
  2. Nice way to handle images
  3. Modern UI
  4. Easy to update and deploy


Now we have a pretty short and nice website that we can submit to potential clients, and we're working on improving our positioning in search engines.

Next Steps

  1. Multilanguage
  2. Add some products
  3. Add social media links
  4. Add more services

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