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Six tips to lean better

July 12, 2019

This post was originally posted on my Instagram account.

Six tips to lean better

LEARN TO LEARN. The most successful developers I know are excellent in one thing: they can teach themselves anything.

Being able to teach yourself anything is the key to a successful career in software development because this industry change all the time and you need to keep up. Here is a few tips on how to learn new things:

1️⃣ Identify your medium: some people can learn reading, others watching videos, others doing tutorials and others just doing things, identify what is better for you, experiment, find it and stick to it.

2️⃣ Learn the bases: Don’t focus on learn react, learn as much as possible HTML, CSS and JavaScript, I can guarantee that with that knowledge you’ll be able to learn any framework came on your way.

3️⃣ Code: Don’t get caught in tutorial limbo, try things, build small thing, try, fail and try again.

4️⃣ Take notes: keep a log of what you learn, trust you’ll forget things.

5️⃣ Be curios: If something works make sure you understand why, don’t settle for “it just works”.

6️⃣ Focus on you: don’t compare yourself with other developers, compare to your past self, are your better than yourself from last month?

What did you learn recently?

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