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JS Conf Colombia 2019

October 23, 2019

This post was originally posted on my Instagram account.

JS Conf Colombia 2019

I just got back from Medellin from the @jsconfco and I completely felt in love with that city and all the #JavaScript you can breath there. Here are my top 5 talks in #jsconfco2019:

1. About life, robots and cats! by @ co_constanza: She built a robot cat feeder with 40 lines of JavaScript and a raspberry pi

2. Mascot Driven Development by @luisalejovega basically what happen to every developer, going to dev to team lead.

3. Testing Web Accessibility by @bolonio who show us a lot of tools to test the accessibility of our #webapps.

4. Developing modern UI with state machines by @luisvillarra I mean… this was like 🤯 for me… just google: XState

5. Ode to the decade ++ by @evaferreira92 Is always good to look back and see how much we progress.

This were my favorite talk I really enjoyed JSConf Colombia it was my first international event and I’m pretty sure I’ll be back as soon as I can.

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