How to get the queryparams of a URL with JavaScript

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Query params or URLSearchParams are the final part of the URL and are used to send additional data to the server.

How to identify a query param?

You can identify them because they come at the end of the URL and begin with the ? symbol. For example in the url the query params are search=webdesign&page=2.

  • The ? symbol is not part of the query params it is used to separate the url parameters.
  • The & symbol on the other hand, is used to separate multiple query params, in this case we have two:
    • search=webdesign
    • page=2

Get queryparams from a URL with JavaScript

To get the queryparams we are going to use two browser APIs, the URL and the URLSearchParams..

The first thing we have to do is to use the URL API:

Inside the resulting object we can get the object URLSearchParams in the property searchParams:

The URLSearchParams object.

This object is like a toolbox for interacting with query params and has several methods for adding, editing or deleting parameters, e.g.

The toString method returns the query params as a string:

If you need to get the value of a query param you can do it by passing the key to the ``get` method

You can add a new query param with the append method:

And of course, you can also delete by passing the key to the delete method

And like this there are many more methods that you can see in the official documentation.


In summary, query params or URLSearchParams are used to send additional data to the server through the URL. They are identified because they come at the end of the URL and begin with the ? symbol. With the URL and URLSearchParams API in JavaScript, it is easy to get, add, edit and remove query params from a URL.


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